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October · 11th

National Coming Out Day

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So it's late and all, yadda yadda yadda. And I'm not officially "gay" or "bi" or whatever, but I came out to a one of my friends today that I'm one of those "bi-curious" persons. I love men, I really do, but I'm also attracted to other girls and all (And I've totally been in denial the last five years or so, so it's weird looking at people going "I don't hate them, they're attractive, and I'm not scared of that thought"). Yeah, well, she totally flipped out, and made snide jokes about it for the rest of the day. But still, just saying it out loud to someone, not just myself, made me feel better, even though she reacted badly. Some of my other friends at the table were just kinda like "alright, cool, whatever," and it didn't phase them, even though they're two years younger than my other friend...

Still have a few more people to tell about my new journey of self-discovery, my parents for one, but I don't think they'll be too surprised. I have taken an enormous interest in gay/lesbian literature and films, and they've always been accepting, so I think it'll all go okay
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Wacha! Today, I wore a shirt that says "Sorry Girls, I'm Gay". Everyone was like "XD OMG Max I love it", though I did hear a lot of people be like "His shirt says 'sorry girls, I'm gay'....", but no one actually approached me. And one of my sarcastic friends told me six, yes six, times that I had a nice shirt. Silly heteros, they're just jealous of my sexuality. :-þ

Much fun all around. Oh! Here. It's a picture of the shirt I wore (though rigth now I'm too lazy to take a picture of me actually wearing it... heh heh)

And in Pre-Calc, I was like "Jeez! Kids these days!" because the kids in my class were acting up, and my teacher just laughed and was like "yeah" and pointed to my shirt. But I could tell it was an amused point.

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It's October 10th, which means that tommorrow is October 11th, which is National Coming Out Day, which is the whole reason I created this community. So I hope everyone has stories to share once tommorrow is all over! Yaaay!
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It's time for your favourite Sophie's story :D. Not that I am your favourite Sophie...ahem, anyway. I couldn't be btohered doing this at the weekend, so I'll do it now while I have the chance. Enough rabbiting..

Well, the first time I properly told someone was my friend, Nikki. One day, she came upto me and was like "Who do you like?" and I replied with "Not telling you!" - Exciting, isn't it? Aaanyway, we were sitting in geography, and she starts playing with my sexy blonde hair, and is going "Come on! You've gotta tell me!" At this point, I was nearly in tears because I didn't want anyone to find out about my little secret; especially not anybody from school. In the end, I decided that I'd tell her, but at lunch - and I'd email her. She agreed to this..then we just continued making fun off Miss Paterson (our geography teacher). So, I emailed her, saying exactly this:

The reason I didn't tell you is because the person I like now isn't a guy

I was so terrified, as I always imagined her to not be accepting, for some reason. I don't know why. Anyway, I went back to class at about 12:30, and she looked at me and said "Come to the toilets now, Soph" - and so we went. She was like "Really?" and I just muttered "yeah," in return. She said "So? I don't care who people like - now, who d'you like?!" I told her, and we all lived happily ever after. It was Keira Knightley XD (omg she's sexy). Sorry XD

Since then, we've been closer than ever. I've told a few more people since that, but I find it hard to come out to people, then I'm okay and fairly open about it to those who know. Out of the people I've told, I've only had one person who had to take a few minutes to take it in - better result than i thought :) No one in my family knows that I'm bi - I don't plan on telling them till I'm a little older, either.

A few tips I'd give on coming out -
1. Tell a close/best friend before anyone else...especially family, unless you feel you can. Make sure you can trust them!
2. Be brave. I know it can be really upsetting, but show that you're stronger than that and won't let a few words break you down.
3. Don't be ashamed! The worse thing you can do is be ashamed of who you are; this will just make problems multiply in size. I was ashamed at first and tried to deny it, but it just made things worse. When I accepted myself...a great weight lifted from my shoulders. I smiled for the first time properly.

With love,
-Soph xxxxxx
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Okay, am I the only person here who as actually come out to anyone anywhere ever?! There are a few other members in here besides me, and none of them have posted a thing! OMGWTFHBQ?!?! If you don't have any 'big' coming out stories (like family), you can talk about how you knew that you were Gay/Bi, or how you came out to your friends, or how people treat you now that you're out, etc etc.

Something! Please! I just want stories for people to read! Is that too much to ask?

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Well, as your admin, it's only fair that I post my coming out story.

'Twas a stormy October night when... Wait, no, that's wrong. Start over.

It was a slightly overcast March afternoon (that's better), and my mother and I had just returned home from eating Bojangles (side note to people to the north and other countries; Bojangles is a southern fast-food restaurant that many southerners basically live at, myself included. It is the epitome of southern cooking, with fried chicken, iced tea, biscuits and fixin's that'll make any weight trainer cringe.). She pulls to a stop at the top of the driveway, and I take a deep, calming breath.

"Mom, there's something I need to talk to you about." She sits back, I'm not sure how to read her expression. I plunge on. "Mom, I'm gay."

"Why do you say that?"

"Um..." I am perplexed. This is not the reaction I was expecting. I was expecting a full-blown bible-thumping rendidtion of screaming with extra flying spittle. "Because I'm attracted to guys and not girls...?"

She sits silent for a moment, as though considering. "Okay."

"*heavy sigh of relief* Okay." and we get out of the car and go inside. And never really talk about it again. But it's not a "if I don't think about it, it'll go away" silence. It's more of a "I have nothing more to say because I'm accepting" silence. Thankfully, both of my parents have many gay friends and are really accepting. (Though I have yet to tell my father) In fact, one of my earlier memories that I can actually recollect, is one day, we drove down to Charlotte to have dinner with some of my moms friends. They were two grown men and they were quite happy to be living together. I don't remember much more, mainly because I was a small child and didn't really care about what grown-ups talked about, but I'm glad they took us.

Back to the story, I was still so nervous I had to walk around the neighborhood a few times to work off all the sheer nerves. And I've never had to hide my sexuality around my mom since. It's a great feeling.

I am out to my sister, however, and she was one of the first people to know, but it was more like "sister, I like (guy's name)", and she was like "OMG YOU LIKE GUYS.... ok". My sister is awesome like that.

I guess that it's for now. I hope to see many more people contributing!
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Hello! Welcome to Oct11, an LJ community all about coming out and about National Coming Out Day. This year, National Coming Out Day will be held on... October 11th!! Does the community name make sense now?

Anyway, in case you haven't read the userinfo, or in case I haven't written the userinfo coherrently enough, this community is a place to share your coming out stories and to read and comment on other people's coming out stories. With National Coming Out Day approaching, hopefully everyone will be preparing to come out, and the best way to prepare is to learn from experiance. So here at oct11, it's all about helping people get out of the closet and stay there.

So if you have already come out, please share your story! We'd love to hear it! We'd love to share in your triumphs and to help comfort you in your despair. And if you haven't come out, feel free to read up on how other people have done it, and once you do come out, please share how you did it!

And please spread the word! Many people are unaware that there is a National Coming Out Day. For those of you still in school, spread the word! Tell your peers and pass the word around. For those of you with blogs, may they be LJs or otherwise, please tell people about this day so that they can participate. It's hard to do something on your own, but if enough people do it, it can lend courage to those who can't decide whether or not the should come out. If you feel that this community is helping out, please spread word of it, too! The more people get in touch, the better the chance of a successful coming out.

As for how to get your message across on October 11th, often times the simplest ways are best. T-shirts, buttons, stickers and the like are easy ways to say "I'm gay and I love it!". Take a T-Shirt and write "I'm Gay!" or whatever you feel is appropriate. Note that word, appropriate. While it is appropriate to wear a shirt saying "I like guys!", it is not appropriate to draw diagrams. We want everyone out of the closet, not into detention.

*thinks* Is there anything else I have to say? Oh, yes. If you feel, in your coming out story, that you would rather not say names or places, feel free to give nicknames and falsenames to the people and places in your story. While this means you can call your best friend "Bob" when her name is really "Susan", this also means your can call your principal "That Evil Bigot". We respect your privacy and your right to call your principal names! However, please try to keep cursing and swearing as low as possible, some people actually get offended by that sort of thing. I know! Can you believe it?!

With Love,
Your Admin
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